About Celeste

As far back as I could remember, I was sick. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 4 years old, open heart surgery at age 10, Lyme and Celiac disease diagnosed in my teens, and regular ambulance rides to the emergency room between the ages of 12-25 for tachycardia, where my heart rate exceeded 300 beats per minute. Through all of it, I was constantly assuring everyone around me not to be alarmed, that everything was fine.  This constant assurance on the outside masked baseline anxiety which developed into full blown panic attacks and major depressive disorder.  Between all of the health issues and the divorce of my parents, I was sent to a child psychologist which I credit for helping me recognize negative patterns of thought that in all likelihood, could have been the end of me.  Highly medicated in all senses of the word as a young adult, I was stable but yearning for alternatives. Alternatives to health, alternatives to well-being, and a lifelong search for this feeling of peace I knew we were each deserving of.  Discovering energy medicine has been the guiding light in my holistic journey.  Beginning with Reiki, I realized we can seek out physical and emotional therapies, but if our energies are running low, we can't avoid facing each day with added struggles from the get-go. I found a new state of being that was more relaxed, more "connected", and more open to facing seemingly simple challenges I had avoided all my life.  Fast forward a few years and a new physics-based sound therapy called Biofield Tuning was introduced to me.  The premise of frequency, or sound healing, really interested the science and anatomy geek in me. After receiving my first Biofield Tuning session in Burlington, VT, I experienced a heightened state of emotional release in the form of extreme anxiety (emotional detox) followed by the most peace I had ever felt in my life. No trace of that underlying anxiety, which, I thought would be my baseline state forever. I realized years of therapy had helped me come to terms with the things that had happened to me, but not until I released them PHYSICALLY and ENERGETICALLY, would they actually be out of my body's physical entanglement with them.  Finally freeing my body's history of all the trauma it had been through, I was able to start fresh and finally become who I was capable of being. 

I now hope to spread this transformative knowledge of our energetic makeup and help others heal whatever holds them back.  Every encounter with someone who discovers freedom from the blueprints of their past, reaffirms how powerful we each are when we seek our own truth.

Peace. Love. Coherent Sound. ~Celeste