The following is a list of specific situations or conditions that Biofield Tuning should not be used in conjunction with:


  • Cancer
    • Detox pathways are often too compromised and the body doesn’t have the resources to manage the process
    • Detox can be severe
  • Terminal illness
    • Body systems are compromised and do not have capacity to digest energy
    • Detox can be severe
  • End-of-life
    • Tuning forks are too strong for the system
    • Detox can be severe
  • Pregnancy
    • Severe detox may increase risk of miscarriage
  • Pacemaker or other implanted medical devices
    • Tuning forks could interfere with the electric rhythms. It is safe for diabetes-related devices, however. Please inquire about your medical device
  • Recent Concussions
    • Work on the head is not advised 3-6 months post traumatic brain injury,  work on body is fine during this time
  • Morbid obesity*
    • Suppressed emotions held in fat cells
    • Not necessarily contraindicated, but can create profound detox
    • *Please chat with me, I'm here to help serve everyone/every body!