What is Biofield Tuning?

Using tuning forks, we may interact with energy throughout our electro-magnetic field that encircles every living being.  These energies correspond to old traumas and negative experiences which get stuck with us until manifesting into physical and emotional ailments.  

What is actually happening?

Combing through the energetic field around our bodies, I am searching for vibrationally dense, distorted areas.  These areas hold incoherent information relating to past traumas. The tuning fork yields a coherent tone that broadcasts information to the body and the body gets a chance to re-calibrate to a more harmonious frequency. Taking the charge off the story and liberating energy, we witness the body reorganizing itself.  The effects of eliminating such blockages can be quite profound and life changing, physically and emotionally. 

Who is Biofield Tuning for

We are here to serve clients who are willing participants in their own life, ones who know how to take responsibility and prioritize self-care. We are for people who have worked through physical and emotional traumas on a conscious level but are looking for a long lasting relief from the energetic effects of these old wounds.  

For even more information visit www.biofieldtuning.com

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